Alfonso VI (before June, 1040 – June 29/July 1, 1109), nicknamed the Brave (El Bravo) or the Valiant, was King of Leon from 1065, King of Castile and de facto King of Galicia from 1072, and self-proclaimed Emperor of all Spain. After the conquest of Toledo he was … King Alfonso VIII of Castile was born November 11th, 1155, became king of Castile at the tender age of 3 in 1158, and died on October 5th, 1214. Alfonso VI, byname Alfonso the Brave, Spanish Alfonso el Bravo, (born before June 1040—died 1109, Toledo, Castile), king of Leon (1065–70) and king of reunited Castile and Leon (1072–1109), who by 1077 had proclaimed himself “emperor of all Spain” (imperator totius Hispaniae).