This principle is what makes snaring so effective. Get the eric space mink snaring dvd! The Snare Shop has snares made here in our shop and in the USA for all your mink snare needs. 5/64, or 3/32. I set some new mink snares along with a few beaver sets two nights ago. In all parts of the UK, snares may be set to catch foxes, rabbits and brown hares, provided you are the landowner or have the landowner’s permission. Mink Control Control; The mink is a medium-sized member of the mustelid family, alongside stoats, weasels, ferrets, badgers and otters. All these species have prominent scent glands and the smell is often pungent. There are few large farms in the United States, as taking care of mink is … The mink snares should be loaded, and lightly waxed for a couple of inches in front of the lock. I ran some mink snares early in the season, only to have them give me the slip. If you catch a mink in a live catch trap, you must be prepared to despatch it humanely. (You can also legally snare a few other species such as rats and mink, though we would generally advocate other methods for controlling these species.)

In pilot work in 2002, we found that it was a far more sensitive way to detect the presence of mink than speculative trapping, local knowledge or systematic searches for field signs. In areas where coon, fox or coyote exist, find a path, gully, log crossing, fence, dugout, culvert or other features that restrict the LINE OF TRAVEL and place a snare DIRECTLY IN THE CENTER OF THE LINE OF TRAVEL. As a destructive non-native species, mink cannot be re-released into the wild, and legal penalties are in place to prevent this from happening. The GWCT Mink Raft was developed both as a means of detecting mink, and as a favourable trap site. Mink have long been one of the most desired fur animals in the country. Similar genetically to weasels and badgers, the chocolate colored fur of the mink is highly desirable and sought-after. 117', do you fnd any particular advantage in using 1/6 cable as your extension cable, over heavier cables, i.e. Recently I had set off all my traps to do some ice fishing. Anyways, here's my first snared mink of this season!

Had this big buck mink waiting for me today! Packed with a lot of info from location to remakes and snare types. BASICS OF SNARING. Well I had all I could take and had to put some sets back out.

Unless an animal has a good reason to act to the contrary it will take the path of least resistance.

Mink traps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some are designed to catch humanely while others will kill.

But I also enjoyed river birchs channel as well both very similar on technique and location..

Statutes affecting snare use Frequently found near water, they are often mistaken for otters, although mink are in fact considerably smaller. The Snare Shop has snares made here in our shop and in the USA for all your mink snare needs.