No extra shipping fee for these heavy seeds - Bismarckia nobilis silver, the Bismark Palm, comes from Madagascar.

Because of its size, this Palm needs lots of room to be seen at it's best. Juvenile Bismarckia nobilis showing the effects of two temporary boron deficiency events during the development of a single leaf. How to do justice to this magnificent palm in just a few words? germination instructions Bismarckia nobilis Silver - Bismarck Palm: Soak the palm seeds for two days in lukewarm water. In the wild have been known reach up to 100 feet and more; domestic palms grows shorter, approximately 25 feet. Wash the seeds thoroughly to remove this fruit and plant seeds at with the upper 1/3 to 1/2 of the seed showing above the mix. GERMINATION OF BISMARCKIA NOBILIS SEEDS Bismarckia seeds fall off the tree with dark fruit.

3pcs/Bag Fresh Rare Bismarckia nobilis - Silver Bismarck Palm Semillas $14.99. 10 Bismarck Palm seeds, (Bismarckia nobilis) $12.50. Please sow the seeds on the mineral soil and cover the seeds with 5 mm - … The actual deficiencies occurred about five months before this leaf emerged. Grown for its striking foliage color and texture, Bismarckia nobilis (Bismarck Palm) is an evergreen palm adorned with a thick trunk topped by a broad rounded head of gorgeous, stiff, intensely steel-blue, fan-shaped fronds, 4 ft. long and wide (120 cm). The Bismarck Palm has a full crown of large, circular, silvery blue, fan-shaped leaves and a … This fruit must be removed prior to attempts at germination. " there is alot said about the ' Bismarckia nobilis ', its early child hood (2 years) and after the burgundy shade turn is due to frost and irregular watering habits, the seedling after sprouting " lets say three month old (2 inch from soil level) cannot sustain excessive water, … As a drought-tolerant plant, it tends to grow more in arid climates as found in U.S. The Bismarck palm is a palm native to Madagascar, where it will reach heights between 45 and 70 feet. We can provide a high quality standard for our customers, because of our knowledge and our usage of the seeds. The seeds are sown in mineral-based cat litter (no clumping litter) or perlite (germ-free) in plastic-pots.

The seeds are used in our own nursery, so we are experienced in germinating and breeding Bismarckia nobilis silver ourselves. Its spiny leaves can reach lengths of 10 feet or more, making it an extremely large plant to add to your landscaping. There are around 65-75 seeds of this specie in 1 kg. item 2 25 seeds (bismarckia) bismarkia nobilis silver bismark palm tree seed 1 - 25 seeds (bismarckia) bismarkia nobilis silver bismark palm tree seed $24.99 Free shipping 20 Bismarck Palm Seeds *Rare* *Exotic* Bismarckia Nobilis Giant Seeds 1 offer from $24.95. Seeds for sale starting at € 6.90. OTHER TECHNICAL & ORDER DETAILS. The persistent leaf bases are split, creating an attractive pattern on the trunk.

... Bismarck palms are propagated by seeds that germinate slowly over a period of 6 to 12 months at high temperatures (90–100°F).