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The Solstice is an elegant ship with contemporary style that exudes a feeling of comfort throughout. 1. Entertainment Guide: Celebrity Solstice. One of the unique features of Solstice ships is the half-acre of real lawn on the top deck - perfect for a picnic.

Deckplanverzeichnis. As far as I could tell the counsellors were very engaging, they were involved in a lot of activities and she made very good friends (so good that they sobbed the last night because they had to say goodbye). He has partaken of both Disney and Holland America before, but this was his first time at the Fun Factory on a Celebrity Ship. Nice bright facilities. We sailed on the Silhouette over Christmas with our six year old son. Conclusion: Celebrity has an excellent kids program. Fun Factory Staff members provide suitable toys for this age group, including LeapFrog® interactive toys. Well run.

Find information about celebrity-solstice gym, disco clubs, lounges, celebrity-solstice pools, and other onboard amenities for you to keep fit, play games, dance, and try extreme sports or other celebrity-solstice activities. Activities for kids ages 3-6 . Learn more about Celebrity Solstice deck plans and cabins, ship activities including dining and entertainment, and sailing itineraries to help you plan your next cruise vacation. In accordance with USPH policies and standards, Celebrity has provided each ship with lavatory-based changing tables and baby wipes.

My 8 year old LOVED the Fun Factory! It has capacity for 2,850 passengers within a well-thought-out design that seamlessly mixes spaces for entertainment, relaxation and quiet time. Jordan Smith | May 5, 2016. Celebrity Solstice is a great fit for families Celebrity Solstice Family-Friendly Review. Explore Celebrity Solstice Activities & Fun and entertainment places. Toddler (under 3 years old) Toddler Time Fun factory Mates (ages 3-6) Cadets (ages 7-9) Young Teen (ages 10-12) Teen (ages 13-17) Policies and Procedures Pagers Babysitting Staffing Restrictions Parent Responsibility. Celebrity Solstice ® SHIP SPECS Max ... SMCard Room on 9, Celebrity iLounge on 6, Fitness Center on 12, Fortunes Casino on 4, Fun Factory / XClub on 15, Hot Glass Class on 15, Jogging Track on 14, Lawn Club on 15, Library on 10 and 11, onboard shops on 4 and 5, Persian Garden on 12, Solstice Deck on 16, The Studio on 4, Team Earth on 7 * Lunch is available on sea days.

Celebrity Solstice Celebrity Summit Celebrity Xpedition. 3145 Passagiere | 1426 Kabinen | 14 Decks | Celebrity Solstice.

Children participating in organized events must be fully potty trained; however, you can accompany your child to any organized activity if they're not. Celebrity Solstice Deckplan.