The reaction is a combination reaction and also a redox reaction.

We have a st of reaction, we need to identify them as Combination, decomposition, replacement or ion exchange reactions: First reaction is: ZnCO₃(s) → ZnO(s) + CO₂ ↑ This reaction involves the breakdown of the reagent into its component individual elements or other compounds. The reactants can either be… 1. We can identify this reaction as: Decomposition reaction. If you look a the chemical equation, it will have a form somewhat like this: Reactant/s Product A + B → AB. For example, O 2 + C ⇾ CO 2. P₄ + O₂---> P₂O₅ The phosphorus and O₂ reactions are included in the Combination reaction 7. Having trouble with your homework? Get free help! 1. Learn more with Brainly! Comments (4) Report A COMBINATION REACTION IS A REACTION …

0.0 0 votes 0 votes Rate! Answer:Explanation:Combination Reaction: is a reaction that occurs when two or more reactants combine to form a single new products. 1. Join now. single-replacement reaction In a balanced chemical equation, each side of the equation has the same number of ____.

Ionic compounds are formed when most metals react with the non-metals. This is also known as synthesis reaction. A 0.0733L balloon contains 0.00230 mol of i2 vapor at a pressure of 0.924atm. NaNO₃> NaNO₂ + … A combination reaction is when two elements combine to form a single compound. Answer: The type of reaction is combination reaction or synthesis reaction.There are two or more elements or compound in the reactant which are combine together to produce produces a single product.

What is a combination reaction with example? This …

The coordinates of vertices of a rectangle are G(4,2), 0(5-1) and T 10,8) what is the length ofthe segment joining the midpoint of GT and O? A combination reaction (also known as a synthesis reaction) is a reaction where two or more elements or compounds (reactants) combine to form a single compound (product). In general, a combination reaction looks like this I hope it's help you . Thus it is opposite of combination reaction.

3. Join now. The metals acts as the electron donors and the non metals acts as the electron acceptors. Learn more with Brainly! Get free help! A combination reaction is when two elements combine to form a single compound. Combination reaction is also known as synthesis reaction, substitution is also termed as the single replacement reaction while metathesis is the double replacement reaction. what is the temperature ,in kelvin,of the i2 in the balloon CESSEtion: Answer the following questions comprehensively.1 Why do you think there are different changes that are occurring as a chemical reaction pro

A combination reaction is when two elements combine to form a single compound. A decomposition reaction is a type of chemical reaction where a compound breaks down into element or compounds. Ask your question. The symbols n in the Bohr theory of atomic structures refers to Describe the intensity of light energy that the tropical receiving Scienfic name of chiken Ano Ang mga sanhi ng earthquake Of the 20 standard amino acids, only _____ is not optically active Research question about gender differemces What form is the output energy when it stops? High School.

NH₄OH + HBr--> H₂O + NH₄Br The weak base reactions of NH₄OH and strong acids HBr include Acid-base reaction 6. The reaction you have here #2"Na"_ ((s)) + "Cl"_ (2(g)) -> 2"NaCl"_ ((s))# is an example of a synthesis reaction. Learn more with Brainly! The reaction of CaSO₄ salt and base Mg (OH)₂ includes Double Displacement 5. Combination reactions are of the form X + Y ---> XY.