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As Britain's Second City – Birmingham is an important place, not just for the economic good of the country, but also as a destination for apprentices and school leavers looking for work. Click the name of the sector to go to the list of approved apprenticeship standards. Our Degree Apprenticeships are new to HSBC and offer you an alternative to full-time study at university. Apprenticeships in Birmingham have increased from just 2,010 starts in 2005/6 to over 10,590 in 2013, according to Office for National Statistics figures. The degree apprenticeships currently available are listed below. They allow apprentices to achieve a higher education qualification while working full-time and gaining experience in the workplace. Birmingham City University’s apprenticeships build on our well-established reputation for delivering in-company training and development programmes. You’ll join a four-year structured programme which will provide you with customer-facing experience across four different functions in Commercial Banking and enable you to progress your career while working towards a professional qualification and a BSc from the London Institute of … Higher and degree apprenticeships are a high-quality alternative to a traditional university degree. Each standard sets out the occupation/job role, what an apprentice will be doing, and the skills they'll develop to complete the apprenticeship. 5 Birmingham jobs to view and apply for now with UCAS Apprenticeship jobs. Search .