Weigh the risks and see which option is better: sneaking alcohol on the bus, or not sneaking alcohol on the bus. No shouting, being loud, or generally disturbing the driver or other passengers. Check the full list for details. How many bags can you check in at he greyhound bus terminal? Traveling from Cleveland Ohio to Detroit to visit a friend. Snacks, drinks and plastic cutlery are ok on-board. 2 bags total. 1 carry on- 1 storage bag on- storage bag can't be more than 50 lbs Asked in Luggage , American Airlines Favorite Answer. We don’t let animals on board (not even Greyhound puppies). I was like no way it's like that, so I went to the greyhound station. See rates here. Absolutely no alcohol, drugs or weapons anywhere on the bus (including in your checked baggage). Do they really enforce this, or check for alcohol/drugs in baggage? Food, drinks and accessories: Alcohol is not permitted at all - on board or in checked baggage. I've seen them do it. If you have your ticket and are not checking bags, just be at the gate at your boarding time. The greyhound station in my large US city is like, the place to go and score heroin. Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by g00dkUsh2, Aug 25, 2010. I am taking a 6 hour greyhound bus trip to see my friend. Just chill out, be nice and enjoy the ride. Taking alcohol on a Greyhound bus is not permitted - which you must already know. Thanks in advanced. This is a stickler for us – no unruly behavior on the bus. Last edited by a moderator: Aug 25, 2010. if i was to take a grey hound for a far trip across the united states, would they check … Everyone told me when I moved here. I was thinking of bringing unique alcohol I purchased while on vacation - to bring to my friend as a gift but I am not sure - does Greyhound/bus stations check passengers for alcohol?? Checked baggage dimensions I was just wondering if anybody knew about this.

Some passengers learn too late that Greyhound gives easy access to law enforcement Border Patrol sightings and drug cases give a glimpse into Greyhound’s relationship with police agencies

9 months ago . Checked baggage . 420ishere Registered User. I wanted to bring alcohol that is unique from my city to give as a gift but on Greyhound’s website it indicates that any alcohol is prohibited.

Sharp objects: Most aren't allowed on board but can be packed in checked baggage. Does greyhound check your bags or your pants? They do not often search bags, but, if that happens to be discovered in your bag, you could face consequences. Lo and behold, it's like a fucking flea market, but for heroin. does greyhound search you/bags. Even so, greyhound Canada does allow alcohol in checked luggage and does allow 18 and up drinking. Any glass containers or metal cutlery must be in checked baggage. All the bathroom stalls were full.