Observing the Pros. This video is a basic tutting tutorial for ravers to get acquainted with the theory of … LOL! If the studio is running short on sanitizer, bring your own. Tutting is one of the most versatile types of popping, and has become popular in the rave community because it's emphasis on hand and finger moves translates well to light shows. It was hard to quantify how exactly we rated each tune, but the basic parameters revolved around how legendary each track was, the rave influences it held and how good each one would sound in a warehouse at 2.50am with your hands loosely aimed towards the ceiling.
Learn how to do the figure-8 rave dance with help from an expert, Cedric Turner.

Top 10 rules of the rave: A guide to underground dance party etiquette ... hands poised above the knobs. For self-conscious dancers, this can be a method for shifting the focus from your dance moves to the glow sticks. Turner has been a professional hip-hop teacher for more than three years. All you have to do is stop moving, stop watching, stop listening, take out your phone, and look at it. Too Cool For This.

listen to music at home, turn up the volume and let … Throw your arms out, shut your mind off, and do whatever is your body says to do. So as to not look too mechanical, loosen up your body and let it 'flow' along with the music. it depends on so many factors, such as music genre, crowd, clothes etc. Be a Rave-ishing Dancer With These Rocking Rave Dance Moves.

Love rave music? you can't learn to dance in a rave!

Liquid Dance Movement One of the tougher rave dance moves, the liquid dance movement is preferable for those with flexible bodies. (Your studio should be sanitizing touch points, like doorknobs and barres, and floors between classes.) Throw in some spirit fingers or jazz hands for an extra dramatic effect. The best way to learn how to rave dance is to start going to raves. An upbeat adaption of the traditional breakdancing, this dance move involves extreme popping, locking and electric boogaloo.
At this point, it goes without saying, but wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after spending time in the studio. All you will need to complete this tutorial is your dance shoes and your glow sticks.

Rave dancing is all about going along with the music being played. Level: Beginner This one takes almost no effort at all, ironically. Wash your hands or use sanitizer frequently.

If you're going to your first rave and you're not sure how to act, try listening to some of the music that will be playing there beforehand so it's easier to dance to it when you're at the rave. whatever the rave is, feel the music inside of you and let your body flow naturally. If you're not sure how to dance, look at how other people at the rave are dancing and follow their lead. 2. Get your rave dance on with help from this free lesson. Learn how to dance at a rave by following the simple dance moves described in this DancePoise article. This article includes hoop dance tutorials suitable for absolute beginners – hula hooping on your waist, hooping in lasso, passing around your body, barrel roll isolation, horizontal isolation down, lift off from waist, the Z-spin, hula hoop escalator, hand toss and an introduction to dancing with your …

Every group is different, so observe how the other dancers are moving while you are on the dance floor.