Before every one went 4 link I've always liked the 3 link on the rear and thought I'd do the same set up on the front The idea was to have a triangulated 3 link coming from 2 points off the chassis ( one on each rail ) to one central point on top of the axel The triangle dog legs around the sump (at …

The popularity of the 4-link suspension is due primarily to its ability to let the race car turn freely in the middle of the corner without compromising forward bite.

The Metric four-link suspension design is a bit different than most other rear suspensions. Position the axle housing in the frame at 27-1/4” forward measured from the rear frame hole as shown in Figure 3. By moving the IC front to rear, you change the amount of force applied to the chassis.

set in middle location before welding mount to axle or frame. Two of McDonald’s other additions are a bolt-in kit that converts IRS-equipped VT-VZ Commodores to a parallel four-link set-up with a Panhard bar, and this bolt-in triangulated four-link kit for early Mustangs. Over the years, drag racers with door cars have gone through all sorts of suspension arrangements. 00
You do not want to use a panhard bar with a triangulated 4 link. 4-Link Suspension Guide: Anti-Squat, Anti-Dive, & Roll Center. The 4-Link Calculator lets you input, view, save, analyze and compare your 4-Link rear suspension geometry. Our 4-Link Kits set up your vehicle at stock ride height. These include triangulated four-link styles, trailing arms, and three-link setups with a panhard bar.

When connected securely to the axle and the frame they form a “triangle” which keeps the rear axle centered under the vehicle.

You can run a 20” travel shock with our 4-Link …

The three link suspension in Figure 4 - Three link front (left) and four link rear (right) With frame leveled side to side and sitting at the rake (if any) front to rear that it will be finished, locate rear axle centerline and mark on frame rail sides. Of all of the systems, the most common you’ll see today is the equal length four-link, probably followed by the ladder bar. Position the housing to set the pinion angle to match the angle of the engine which should place the rear coil-over mounts vertical. Lift bars, slapper bars, Super Stock springs, leaf links, ladder bars, three-links, four-links, and torque arms (there may be others too, but it’s a start). Assemble and install the Lower Link … This rear 4-Link kit offers total adjustability making it the ideal Chevy Tri-Fives 4-Link kit for the track or street.

Position the axle housing in the frame at 27-1/4” forward measured from the rear frame hole as shown in Figure 3. Tuningsworld Universal Rear Triangulated 4 Link Suspension Bracket Kits with Two 2500 Air Bags & Rear Air Bag Mounts for Truck Classic Cars 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 $235.00 $ 235 . 2.

3-Link Kits are missing an upper link. Installation Tips for Adding a Four Link Suspension. Ladder Bars or 4-Link; I personally prefer a 4-link set up to anything, IF I am the one doing the tuning and adjusting. Installation Instructions Triangulated 4 Link 1.

A properly set-up three- or four-link will have an instant center that is somewhere in front of the rearend.

Next Page for More Instructions Ridetech offers the 4 link rear suspension in a triangulated style.

2. If not I usually do a different suspension set-up so customers can make simple changes.

The Rock Slayer Off-Road 4-Link Kits eliminate the panhard bar – it’s a true 4-Link. HEXTTK13 55-57 Chevy Tri-Five Triangulated 4-link kit with Hardware and Coilovers Take total control of you 1955-1957 Chevy Tri-Five with Suspension Pros deluxe adjustable rear 4-Link kit.

This configuration is common in General Motors cars built in … There are several link configurations that can be used up front. Note: A fully-adjustable 4 link suspension allows you to move the 'Instant Center' not only up or down, but also forward or back by increasing or decreasing the angle between the bars.

A four link suspension kit will optimize the performance and overall ride quality of your rig by balancing triangulation, increasing the force of power, and giving you maximum control.. Very similar in construction to the parallel 4 link but the uppers bars are placed at an angle to the lowers. For street use I see nothing wrong with your set-up. One of the most common questions we get about suspension setup and tuning is how 4-link geometry affects the performance and handling of a vehicle. Assemble and install the Lower Link … If your car wheel stands too much, you can angle the 4 link bars closer together at the front to move the 'Instant Center' closer to the rear of the car.