... (Sung) I'd walk a million miles … This Will Be The Day.

It's on my Mammy I'm talkin' about, nobody else's! Oh oh oh... (Spoken) Mammy... My little Mammy.

I'd walk a million miles For one of your smiles, My Mammy! All American Cast & Bre-Z & Chelsea Tavares. I d walk a thousand miles in the pouring rain just to see your smile I would walk a million miles to see ya I'd drive through the pouring rain I'd dive into your deepest ocean To still have you in my arms again.. The sun shines east-- the sun shines west--I know where-- the sun shines best!

23,862. I'll be there when you're feeling lonely I'll be there til the end of time I'll stand beside you baby if you break down Ain't no mountain that I …