Mr Lowe, who built an estimated £103million fortune through his firm Nomos Capital, is being sued by former marketing executive Ms Wimmer, who accuses the father-of-two of sexual harassment. A former employee accused UK-based Nomos Capital owner, Mark Lowe, of sex discrimination and creating a hostile work environment by telling inappropriate, sexist jokes to employees and by frequently bringing prostitutes to business meetings. Turnover at Nomos Capital, a third-party marketing firm that raised billions of dollars for Spanish hedge fund Vega Asset Management Partners, has fallen to its lowest level since 2002. Founded by Mark Lowe in 1994, Nomos Capital Partners raises professional and institutional capital for o Nomos Capital Partners, the London-based capital raising firm, is seeking to add a handful of single hedge fund managers to the firms platform. Founder Mark Lowe has retired and been replaced as chief executive by Nick Headley, a director since 2001. Nomos Capital's turnover was £1.2m (€1.8m) for the 12 months to March 31, down from £3.9m in 2005, according to … Miss Wimmer, 29, a Canadian living in west London, started working for Mr Lowe at Nomos Capital in 2004, where her annual salary quickly rose from £50,000 to £577,000. Mark Lowe, the sole shareholder of hedge fund firm Nomos Capital, is accused of humiliating City executive Jordan Wimmer when they worked together. Nomos provides funding to law firms and claimants in connection with single litigation and arbitration claims, as well as portfolios of claims at all stages, including appeals and post-settlement. Nomos Capital is a Canadian specialty finance company focused on litigation funding and legal services finance.