' Thanks to London Barge Surveys I now hold a hull survey which certifies that my 30 foot Springer has passed a thorough hull thickness inspection check. A pre-purchase survey is a detailed inspection of the vessel which covers all aspects of the vessel that are considered to be important, including the hull and superstructure, engine and electrical system, water, gas and heating systems. We also help our customers to find the best possible boat. Summer Opening Times: 9am to 5.30pm … Register Here For Boat Updates. However a narrowboat survey can be bought by another person with the agreement of both the owner of the survey and the surveyor, (usually at a reduced fee) and the surveyor would change the name on the documents to the second persons.

Listings of about 100 Canal narrow boat & barge marine surveyors plus information, advice and contact details. We are based in London and operate in South and South East England and offer inland waterway craft surveys. Address.

SURVEYORS known to ABNB: A full pre-purchase survey will cost you somewhere between £400 & £700; if the survey is out of the water it will also cost between £100 & £200 docking charges depending how the boat is taken out of the water - dry dock and slipway are generally cheaper than a fixed crane. We are based in London and operate in South and South East England and offer inland waterway craft surveys. This paper work is not only imperative for me to obtain my insurance for when I get back on to the water but is a reassuring nod that gives me the confidence to carry on with the project.' Whilton Marina Ltd Whilton Locks Daventry Northamptonshire NN11 2NH View Map. - Mike Mansfield We have filmed a video showing the kind of things that boat surveyors look for when they carry out a narrowboat hull survey. 1 like.

If you need help finding one, … Have your Narrowboat Surveyed We always recommend that when purchasing a narrowboat you commission an independent survey, that way you can be confident your boat is structurally sound.
We suggest you pick an independent qualified surveyor (preferably an inland waterways specialist who understands steel-bottomed boats).

Opening Times. This is useful sometimes if the survey is recent and required for insurance reasons. Narrowboat Surveys and Surveyors. Welcome to London Narrowboat Surveys. London Narrowboat Surveys. He has been awarded a diploma in Marine Surveying (Practical Yacht and Small Craft Surveying Course) which, together with his excellent understanding of mechanics and all kinds of boat systems, will provide you with excellent service. It will also cover the Boat safety Scheme requirements. There are many more useful video clips on our youtube channel. Never Miss Out. Rafal is a qualified Marine Surveyor.

As we are deeply focused on steel canal crafts, we aim to deliver an outstanding experience for our customers, and they can receive the best possible advice.