However, since The Magic School Bus Rides Again is as much a continuation of the original series as it is a reboot, some changes were inevitable.

In The Magic School Bus Rides Again, her book satchel is replaced by a purple tablet computer. Always the caring soul, Phoebe goes on a crusade to save the animals and plants of the desert -- and discovers how well they take care of themselves. Phoebe Terese is one of the students of Walkerville Elementary School from The Magic School Bus. My name's Phoebe. "At Phoebe's old school, we never had field trips."

Phoebe suggests butterflies, but everyone thinks they're wimpy -- until The Friz flutters in! "The Bus", "Bus" by Valerie and Fiona, and "Bussy" by William) is the common name of the anthropomorphic school bus that Ms. Frizzle's class and Liz ride on and goes on field trips. The Magic School Bus In the Arctic 26m Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. It also serves as a continuation of the 1994–1997 PBS Kids series The Magic School Bus, with Lily Tomlin reprising her role as Ms. Frizzle. She is the new student of Ms. Frizzle's class, always comparing to how things were at her old school. He appears in "Going Batty" and briefly in "Rocks and Rolls. I was a student of Ms Frizzle in her science class. Phoebe Terese The Magic School Bus. "He's blind, and like Phoebe, he talks about how things were at her old school. Cartoons: Magic School Bus fanfiction archive with over 296 stories.

4. The Magic School Bus (a.k.a. Jyoti Kaur is an Indian American girl who replaced Phoebe in The Magic School Bus Rides Again. 8.

Mr. Terese (voiced by the late Dana Elcar) is Phoebe's father. —Mr. She lives with her father. Hop aboard the Magic School Bus with Ms. Frizzle and her class as they learn about salmon migration, visit a suspension bridge and more in Season 3. 1. The caring soul of the class, she also … Terese, boarding on the bus.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again is a Canadian-American flash-animated children's web series, based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. The Magic School Bus goes into an ant hive when Keesha directs a movie about social animals for the school science fair. She's an expert on computers and robotics.

13. Jyoti Kaur Voiced by Birva Pandya. 210 likes.