Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. As a noun, it means a production or a live show.

See: (one's) word is law a law unto a law unto (oneself) a law unto himself, herself, etc. law meaning: 1. a rule, usually made by a government, that is used to order the way in which a society behaves…. The free offline Law dictionary application explains the meaning of Law words Download the largest Law dictionary with over lakhs of Law words.
The manager was a law unto herself and she thought that she could do whatever she wanted. As a verb, it usually means to do something related to sports and games. play at sth definition: 1. to pretend to be a particular person or to do a particular thing, usually as a game: 2. to do…. One can listen pronunciation of Law words to read and speak words properly. for your competitive exams.Each Idiom is accompanied by meaning and example sentences. lay down the law - to state firmly what the rules or laws are for something

Idioms and Phrases on Law and Justice - Learn idioms like Null and void, Miscarriage of justice etc. The couple were law-abiding citizens who never had any problems with the law. ... For in spite of a willingness to play fast and loose with the law or to get their hands dirty walking around in some pretty messy moral ambiguities, ... play fast and loose; play fast and loose (with … It can also be used to describe playing instruments.However, there are also several other situations in … Meaning: Caught in an unlawful or immoral act without any mitigating circumstances. Example: The criminal was caught bang to rights, but thanks to a sophisticated defense team he served only a light sentence. What does play fast and loose with expression mean? law-abiding - obeying the law. Legal & Law Idioms, Sayings and Phrases with Meaning and Examples (Caught) Bang to Rights. These idioms and phrases will be very useful to all the freshers and other students preparing for MBA, NMAT, CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, MHCET, Banking exams, IBPS, SBI, RRB, SSB, SSC, RBI, UPSC etc. Meaning of words are provided with definition, synonyms and antonyms.

a law unto oneself - someone who makes his or her own laws or rules. Learn more. Learn more. Above The Law
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