Most perniciously, cheating can become self-reinforcing. Being humiliated in the eyes of your family, friends, co-workers, and children. After the Affair is Revealed.

(or are already cheating on your spouse), one thing you need to think about carefully is the ripple effect it will have on your spouses life when you get found out. The psychology behind their behavior is just too ingrained in who they are as a person. Sometimes, the dreams about being cheated on (or even you cheating on someone) could only be a misrepresentation of stimuli by the mind. Everyone knows that being cheated on is a painful experience. Here are some of the ways that the psychological effects of a cheating spouse can affect our lives. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Email. Posted on March 3, 2015 by [email protected] • 0 Comments. 2005. Cheating is something to be aware of in any relationship. Hola my friend! They were cheating without being fully aware of it. It could be as simple as you having watched a TV show with cheating as the main theme, and the mind that is constantly absorbing things and storing them in the subconscious will manifest these to include you as the main characters. Journal of Family Psychology 15(4):735-749. Whatever the reason, if you're the one who's been cheated on, it can be hard to see the bright side. Learn to understand the psychology of cheating and endeavors to play your role as a woman to both being friendly and accommodating. Cheaters Use Cognitive Tricks to Rationalize Infidelity. Rumination causes endless revisiting of the feeling in your mind after an emotional situation such as cheating. By Benedict Carey. By Eric W. Dolan May 30, 2017. Subjects experience discomfort about unfaithful thoughts and behaviors but downplay it and minimize its relevance to their sense of self

But according to one study , there might actually be a benefit. We know being cheated on is not going to be a great experience, but the question is, how hard is it to deal with the psychological effects of a cheating spouse? David Ley, in the article "Why Are Women Cheating More?," which appeared in the May 19, 2010 issue of "Psychology Today," says that female marital infidelity appears to be in the midst of a progressive increase 2 3. Here’s a look at ten of the most Throughout life, you are reminded of the betrayal every time you open your heart up to others and every time you think of the traitors who broke your trust. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Email.