The cost of a software engineering online bachelor’s degree depends on several factors. For Enterprise. The table below provides a cost comparison of the MSSE program, the Masters of Software Engineering from St. Thomas University, and the UMN Computer Science and Engineering (CS&E) Masters programs. Computer/ software engineering education courses vary by school, but often provide students the opportunity to major in computer science, software engineering, mathematics, or engineering. Earning your bachelor’s degree in software development can increase your earning potential and opportunities for advancement and help you build a future as a developer on the cutting edge of technology. The job of a Software Engineer is to develop software programs. Thinking of becoming a Software Engineer? STEM careers have been getting a lot of attention lately with the growth of our economy being more dependent than ever on the expertise of STEM practitioners. An entry-level Software Engineer with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $75,077 based on 7,073 salaries.

Technology companies as well as most businesses require Software Engineers to develop and deploy software applications. Most Affordable Online Engineering Degrees . Projected Growth Rate (2018-28): 13%. The associate degree can be a useful way for students who want a degree to take on an entry level software engineering position without spending the time and money getting a four-year degree. As technology becomes a more integral part of our lives, software engineers are in demand now more than ever. On the lower end, they can make $60,250 or $29 per hour, perhaps when just starting out … Full Catalog. For computer programming, it is more common to only need a 2-year diploma. The program lengths and costs for the other programs are based on the recommended course sequences for each program and assume a 5% cost increase per year for tuition and fees. Software engineering programs often teach the programming languages that web developers use. Want to know more about the types of jobs you can pursue after earning a software engineering degree? The world might come to a stop without software programs. Robotics Software Engineer. This program provides a solid foundation in computer programming, web development, and application development. A Software… Sensor Fusion Engineer . A software engineer in Cupertino can earn $79,461 more than a software engineer in Salt Lake City. And in this age of high- tech innovation, engineers are reaping the rewards. Check out the 20 Best Software Engineering degrees today! Cheapest Colleges for Computer Software Engineering. Become A Mentor. Computer and software engineers create and modify software programs such as operating systems, applications software, communications software, and software embedded in devices ranging from mobile phones to GPSs, satellites and aircraft flight systems. Nursing Careers Guide Explore your future with our comprehensive career guide. Career . Sign In Get Started . Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer. Overview. Based on the latest jobs data nationwide, Software Engineer's can make an average annual salary of $84,360, or $41 per hour. It includes multiple industry-recognized certifications from CompTIA and … Median Annual Salary: $69,430. Solution. All annual price data are reprinted from the U.S. Department of Education's 2018-2019 IPEDS Survey and multi-year program estimates are made based on multiples of yearly figures. Career. Student Success.