The following is a list of Training Manuals that can be crafted by the player. Hello all. And coupled with fire-at-will you are able to do damage to multiple targets at the same time (fair warning: aggro magnet), which you cannot do with dhc's (other than with scatter volley, but even with that it is to targets in your narrow front arc). That is very unlikely to happen once, let alone consistently. So be sure to train your tactical bridge officer with some of these skills. Cannons: Scatter Volley vs Rapid Fire. There are a LOT of bridge officer abilities in Star Trek Online, so which ones are the strong considerations? Superior Area Denial - Applies damage reduction debuff to targets hit. Connor’s NX Cannon Build; And now a statement from the creator of this build: Hey folks, Peter here. That said, I personally favour Rapid Fire over Scatter Volley, as Scatter now has an an accuracy penalty so I prefer to pour the pain into one target rather than spread it out.

In this video I go over the tactical versions available to captains in space in STO. ... (and keep) 3 ships within a 45 degree arc while flying at full speed for the duration of CSV. Preferential Targeting - Allows use of Scatter Voley to boost Beam: Overload and Cannon: Rapid Fire. Cannon Scatter Volley: I - Lieutenant II - Lieutenant Commander III - Commander: Space: System: Cannons Scatter Volley improves your next cannon attack. Examples include Beam Overload, Beam Fire At Will, Torpedo: Rapid Fire, Torpedo: Scatter Volley.

Today we will open up discussion regarding the recent change to Cannons: Scatter Volley for feedback, thoughts, likes/dislikes, and other comments relating to this mechanics change. This is the first mechanics-related change to Cannons: Scatter Volley since Season 13’s balance pass, this time specifically focusing on the firing arc of CSV, instead its damage multipliers. Cannons: Scatter Volley vs Rapid Fire So I've spent the last few weeks supporting my choice of CRF in multiple different threads when the topic came up. Fires a cone area of effect cannon spray centered on your target. Bridge officers have a few skills that can also boost your weapon damage for short periods of time. The manuals can be manufactured as part of the Officer Training School and always require a PADD as "ingredient".. To unlock the ability to craft certain training manuals you must spend a … Flying the Gagarin (Ship Review) Posted on February 20, 2019 by Stoheidy. Scatter Volley: così come il FAW, riceverà una penalty all’accuracy inversamente proporzionale al Rank, ma il buff al danno sui Cannoni sarà di +0, +5 e +10% a Rank 1, 2 e 3; Rapid Fire : quando attivo, i Cannoni riceveranno un buff alla velocità di fuoco del 50% rispetto al normale, mentre il buff al danno sui Cannoni sarà di +0, +10 e +20% a Rank 1, 2 e 3. Attack Patterns Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega.