But, my workspace is still the same, and all my projects are there.
My projects have disappeared from my PackageExporer in Eclipse after re-installing Eclipse. Eclipse IDE has build-in integration with Concurrent Versions System (CVS), but not Subversion (SVN).

タグ svn, eclipse. I've pointed Eclipse to my old workspace, and I've been able to pull down a new project, but all of my old SVN … #2) Once Eclipse is done with fetching information, it will show all the SVN features available for installation. #3 Albert commented on 2010-09-08: A tutorial about how to It shows SVN Repositories associated with your Workbench. Some of these features are optional whereas some are not. I'm not sure if it is, but this possibly could be related to Eclipse's Secure Storage that is used by plug-in to store passwords. Installation was successful. Because of this issue i cannot assign a svn connector to the svn eclipse plugin so therefore it cannot do any svn features at all. But when I connect with my SVN server, It is showing following error: SVN: '0x00400006: Validate Repository Location' operation finished with error: Selected SVN connector library is not available or cannot be loaded. I have installed "Subversive - SVN Team Provider 1.1.1" from Eclipse marketplace. This tutorial explains how to install SVN Plugin in Eclipse IDE. Here’s a guide to show you how to make Eclipse IDE support Subversion (SVN) via Subclipse plugin . In all real time projects Eclipse with SVN/CVS is mandatory, in fact CVS will be provided by Eclipse by default, but SVN we have to install manually .

If it is not active, then the passwords would not be stored permanently and after Eclipse IDE restart your SVN connection won't work until you re-enter the credentials. However, the SVNKit jars are definitely present: Bookmark the permalink . I have noticed that with my multi-module Mavenized Seam 2.1 project, I must always run 'mvn eclipse:eclipse' after I have imported the project from SVN repo, otherwise the build path is not correct and I see a lot of bad reference errors from compiler in Eclipse. Marnel, I'm sorry I'm no longer using subversion or eclipse so I won't be able to answer your question. the Subversive SVN Connectors does not appear after rebooting eclipse Juno IDE after installing svn from the eclipse marketplace. We had ignored target folder in Eclipse settings as described below but still it was showing target folder and its content while going to commit code from Eclipse. And, if I try to create a project named after one that's not showing up but is in the workspace folder, it says it already exists, but I have no way of accessing it. So, in order to connect to SVN you should open Team menu over the project node and then share it with SVN. 私は何ヶ月もSVNによってバージョンアップされているプロジェクトを持っていますが、現在はEclipseがプロジェクトをバージョン管理下にあると認識していないようです。チームメニューでは、私はパッチを適用...とプロジェクトを共有するだ …

Eclipse does not support SVN repository browsing by default. A dialogue will appear showing the plugin name and link. SVN plugin installation. This causes TortoiseSVN to think that there are versioned files in the bin directory.
any ideas?