The first issue that saw repeated play was their speculation that Generation-i is lazy. “But it will make mistakes," she says. "Hadoop will probably get us from a hundred thousand buildings down to, like, five thousand." Besides, Technology is only a tool. As we can see, sitting on chairs for many hours, in front of the computers can hinder the … We make us lazy ourselves! Technology Makes Man Lazy When almost everything can be done through technology, what else is there to do but depend on it even more often despite disastrous results?

I attended a recent Intelligence Squared debate at the Kaufman Center in New York City on this question: Does smart technology make us dumb? It accounts for real progress in medicine, but has also hurt it in many ways, making it more impersonal, expensive and dangerous. Highlighting that the internet makes us lazy has, ironically, become quite a lazy statement, but there’s a real point to it. Technology has made us become lazy In the 21st century, technology has evolved to accommodate a more convenient lifestyle and meet every need that could possibly need fulfilling. Technology has made life so convenient for us that it’s almost scary to think of what would happen if we had to go without our favorite gadget for an extended period of time. Instead of “how technology is making us lazy” maybe the statement should be “being lazy makes new technology.” – The person who invented electronic billpay was too lazy to mail a check.

Two sets of … I can’t even recall the last time I went a day without looking at the internet at all. It can make our life more convenient if we use them correctly. "Because guess what--we have ten thousand friends. We invent technology just because we are lazy!

– The person who works on GPS technologies is too lazy to read a map or ask for directions. I would like to choose "convenient" more than"lazy". Tejas Morey Updated: Aug 9, 2013, 10:59 IST . For instructions on how to disable your ad blocker, click here. It also makes human reduces their physical activity.

"So we're down to five days instead of five years." Technology has a shadow side. Technology makes our life easier. "Wrong!" Please help us continue to provide you with free, quality journalism by turning off your ad blocker on our site. By laziness, this refers to being lazy in doing, thinking, and interacting.

“Technology makes us weaker!” In response to this question, Dominique Jackson snarkily writes that in the near future, Boy Scouts will be teaching kids how to use a GPS instead of a compass. Does the internet make our brains lazy?